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Lori-Ana Esse

I have been teaching crochet classes at Unwind since our opening 4 years ago, where I have also had the privilege of being a stall holder and selling my crochet goodies, under my business name of The Little Lost Button. I have met many lovely people along the way, who I have taught to crochet and who have challenged themselves, succeeded and joined the world of crochet! I was taught to crochet and knit by my Mother when I was a young girl where I would sit with her and play with her balls of wool, knitting needles and crochet hooks, I look back at this time wripple 1ith great fondness and am sharing the love of handmade with my daughter Charlotte. My other passions include quilting, stitching and making clothes. I love all handmade and vintage inspired pieces from our mothers and grandmothers, and draw my inspiration from them. I would love to meet you in my beginner crochet class soon! Follow me on Facebook …


Leanne Uwland

Leanne is a mum, wife, knitaholic, amateur photographer, digital scrap booker, cross stitcher, crocheter and colour lover! My mum taught me to knit at a very young age and I’ve been knitting ever since. My passion is knitting children’s clothing that are both classic but with a modern twist. My other passion is teaching people to knit. I enjoy knitting so much, both for it’s therapeutic side and creative elements and feel privileged to be ableimage to teach a life long skill that is as relaxing as meditation and can provide hours of soothing enjoyment. I offer classes in Beginning Knitting, Circular Needles, Socks, Cowls, Stitch Support and Projects and more. I’m very happy to receive feedback and ideas of classes for the future.


Samantha Taylor

I am a maker of all sorts and love to mix up mediums to create unique and interesting pieces. I love to teach others to experiment and take risks to make their work the best they can. I have 3 beautiful children and art and creativity are a big part of all of their lives and I’d like to think I’ve lent a hand in that. I teach crochet at Unwind Craft Cafe where I also am a stall holder selling many of my creations. While I can teach all levels and many styles, my particular focus is the beginner lessons and I must confess to having a big soft spot for the new crocheters I’ve helped to make their start. sam1 My favourite style of crochet is Tunisian; I love the way it calms the mind. I also think there is much beauty in the traditional granny square and I am often seen churning out little squares to add to a granny project of some sort.